Razor MX650 Dirt Rocket Electric Bike Review – 2020

Who doesn’t like to watch a dirt bike race?

Even if you are not into action sports, the flips and stunts are something that you cannot watch without having even an ounce of amazement and awe.

But you definitely don’t want your teenager doing the same for obvious reasons.

When your little kid grows out of toys and trikes, more thrill and more speed automatically comes in to the equation.

While you can keep your kids waiting for a gas powered motor bike until they are eligible to ride one, the best way to quench their thirst for a true biking experience in the meantime would be to get an electric bike.

Read our Razor MX650 review to see if this the bike you have been looking for.

Razor MX650 – Best Features:

  1. Motor

A powerful 650 watt, chain driven electric motor is at the core of the Razor MX650 which is powerful yet quiet to let your kids play all they want without creating a racket in the neighborhood. The motor also generates more power for uphill rides and in off-road conditions.

  1. Speed

The MX650 has a safe top speed of 15 – 17 mph and the speed can be increased or decreased within the range using the twist-grip on the handle bars.

  1. Knobby tires

A large 16 inch front tire and a 14 inch pneumatic rear tire provide the suspension you need for a great ride. Despite being pneumatic tires, they are quite hard and take up a lot of abuse in addition to maximizing the power transfer.

As the bike is designed for riding on uneven surfaces, the tires come with a knobby surface to provide the grip required on these surfaces. The bike rides very well even on bumpy terrains and can also be used for uphill riding without a problem.

  1. Disc Brakes

Even though the maximum speed of 17mph is safe enough, it can prove to be fast especially to untrained bikers. This is why disc brakes are used both in the front and the rear which are hand-driven and powerful enough to bring the bike to a complete stop for safety.

  1. Additional features

On the sides are foldable foot pegs that you can use to rest your feet when cruising down the neighborhood or fold it up on the go. The kickstand is also retractable to keep it out of the way when not required and gives a more streamlined look to the bike.

  1. Rechargeable

The bike runs on three 12 volt batteries that are not just rechargeable but give you almost 40 minutes of uninterrupted biking and fun. When your battery runs out, all you will need to do is recharge it and your bike will be ready to get you riding again. The full recharge time for the battery is 12 hours which can ideally be done overnight.

  1. Minimal assembly

The electric bike comes partially assembled and you will need to fix the handlebars and the front wheels. But the assembly is very intuitive and hardly takes 10 minutes to complete. Also, all the tools you will need are already provided in the box to make your life easier.

What’s even better, you don’t have to go looking for a pump to inflate the tires as they come pre-inflated in the box to get you riding as soon as you get your hands on one. Of course, you will have to wait out the charging time if you want to ride for a longer time.

  1. Tough

The dirt bike has been built to take a beating as it is designed for kids and toppling over is not completely avoidable. The bike is constructed with high-strength steel and comes with shatterproof fairings and fenders for a long-lasting body.

  1. Powerful

The bike has been built to have a weight capacity of 220 pounds and has a 650 watt electric motor that is powerful enough for some great dirt biking even on off-road situations. Due to this reason, it can prove to be too powerful for younger kids and hence the recommended age is 16 years or older.

Even then, those with some sort of biking experience will be able to maneuver it better and adult supervision is required to keep unwanted injuries at bay.

  1. Quiet

In contrast to its looks of a typical pit bike, the Razor MX650 is very quiet as it is an electric bike and you won’t have to deal with complaining neighbors because your kid was causing a ruckus riding a noisy bike.

  1. Safe

It is without a doubt that the MX650 is a much safer alternative to a gas-powered bike, but you may wonder just how safe it is for kids. First of all since it is an electric bike, there is nothing combustible to cause fire or fumes. The electric component too is only a 36 volt rechargeable battery pack.

Don’t worry about over speeding as even the top speed is only a safe 17 mph. The bike is also quite stable with its dual suspensions and pneumatic tires that make it safe to ride on unlevelled surfaces. To top it all, the powerful disc brakes will bring the bike to an instant stop.

  1. Great price

What you will also love about this bike is the Razor MX650 price as it is quite a steal considering the thousands of dollars you will have to spend on buying a real gas-powered bike for your teenager, not to forget the dangers that come with it. You also get a quality equipment buying from a brand like Razor instead of a cheaply made bike that may not even be safe to use.

Retailing for under $600 dollars, the bike is very affordable and if you are not convinced enough or have a tighter budget then you can even find Razor MX650 cheap price when they go on sale. Many online stores keep having discount sales from time to time.

Razor MX650 – Negative Points:

  • Some assembly required – The bike does not come fully assembled and you will need to install the handlebars and the front tire before you can start riding it
  • Tires – The knobby tires do a great job on grass or dirt tracks but does not fare well on paved roads
  • Heavy – Weighing almost a 100 pounds it can be a bit heavy for kids to handle easily
  • Decals – The decals tend to peel of almost immediately which can be a problem if you feel strongly about its looks. But you can also always replaced them with some customized stickers for a more personalised look. 

Advantages over competition

  • Solid construction – The bike boasts a sturdy steel construction and is fitted with high-quality shatter-proof fairings and fenders to take enough abuse
  • Great brand – While there are much cheaper bikes out there, this one comes from a brand such as Razor who are known for making quality and innovative products that are safe to use by kids
  • Design – You will immediately be able recognize the authentic dirt bike frame design when you see the MX650 as its design has been inspired by the bikes from the Supercross. 


With an electric bike you can give your kids a chance to get a hang of biking but without the dangers of the speed associated with it. In the bargain, you also get a fun way to spend time around your kids as these bikes are not designed for aggressive riding or jumping and need adult supervision.

The Razor MX650 is a great scaled down dirt bike which will give all the fun and thrill your kids need but without the speed. So it’s a win-win situation for both parents and kids and also comes at a great price tag.

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Tom P.
Razor MX650 Dirt Rocket Electric Bike