Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket Electric Bike Review – 2020

Bikes are fun. The speed, the air in your face, the thrill of riding the bike at such high speed, the list is just endless.

It is not just the adults, but kids love it too. But why should it be restricted to just the adults who have a valid license?

Yes kids have bicycles, but bikes? Dirt bikes? Yes your kids can have one of those super fast bikes which are legal.

Wondering how? Electric bikes from Razor are here just to satiate that need in your kid. Give your kid a Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike, and you will see your kid happier than ever.

What Is Razor MX350?

It is a battery operated dirt bike for kids. It is small, well powered for a battery operated vehicle and easy to ride by kids of thirteen years and above. These bikes can do what the bicycles can’t do – let your child experience speed but in a safe manner.

The speed is restricted to ensure your child is within the safe speed limits and do not hurt themselves in case of a fall.

Want to know more about this bike before you decide to buy it for your child? Here is a detailed Razor MX350 review to give you a better idea.

Razor MX350 – Best Features:

Here are some of the best features of the Razor MX350 that makes it worth your money:

Battery Operated – This bike is powered by battery. Hence there is no fuel involved and neither does your kid have to pedal or do any physical work like with bicycles. The battery can last up to half hour when used continuously, after a full charge.

Handlebar – The throttle and the brakes are present in the handle bar. Your child can control the speed as well as brake the bike with the handle itself, like in any real bike. The handlebar’s height can also be adjusted according to the height of the rider. This enables the bike to be used for a long period of time, as your child grows.

Speed – This bike can go up to a speed of 14 miles an hour, which is very good for a battery operated bike. This is close to the speed of any battery operated vehicle, like your golf carts, etc.

Design – The Razor MX350 is designed just like a regular dirt bike. This designing satiates your child’s need for a real bike. With a high handle, big tires and curved seat, this bike for kids is a good copy of the adults’ versions of dirt bikes.

Motor – The chain driven motor along with the high torque gives your child a unique bike riding experience, which is as good as a real bike. It is quiet and still very powerful.

Tires – The bike comes with large knobby tires that are 12 inches. These pneumatic tires facilitate a good power transfer from the motor to the tires, thus resulting in a faster moving bike that can take on rough terrains very well.

Dual Suspension – Suspension is very important for any bike and especially for a dirt bike. Razor has not compromised on this factor, just because this is a scaled down battery operated bike. The Razor MX350 has a dual suspension that gives your child a very comfortable ride, even if they chose to drive it on uneven and rough terrains.

Assembly – Putting together this bike is not difficult at all. It requires just a few steps and very little of your time.

Others – The bike has a kickstand that is retractable, just like in a real bike. The foot pegs can be folded too, if not required.

Negative Points

Though this bike has many great features, it is not free of flaws.

Size – Though it claims to be suitable for teenagers, the bike is too small for a child above 8 or 10. It is big enough for a kid around seven years of age. Older kids need to go in for the bigger version of this bike.

Motor – The motor does not seem to last very long. It runs as promised, both speed wise and battery time wise, only the initial couple of times. Neither the motor has enough power nor does the batter last as long, after the first or second use itself.

Customer Service – Every product has issues. It is the customer service that is remembered more by the people than the problem itself. In case of complicated problems, the customer care does not seem to respond efficiently.

Chain – The chain keeps coming off right from the start. Though the company provides an additional part to keep the chain in place (if asked for), it is an unnecessary hassle. When this part can be offered when asked, it should rather be a part of the package itself, to save customers of the trouble of waiting and fixing it on their own.

Power – Though the bike claims to be powerful and can be used on dirt tracks just like a real bike, this bike is not very powerful on slopes. The slope combined with the weight of the rider, weighs heavily on the bike, thus bringing down its power drastically.

Controls – Despite the bike having controls in the handlebar, so as to facilitate a real time experience for the kids, the controls are not the same. The brake in a real dirt bike is always on the right grip, whereas this MX350 has it on the left. There are no footbrakes like in the real bikes either.

Hence this bike cannot be used as a training bike before your child is introduced to the real one. There will be some unlearning to do.

Advantages Over Competition

There are many such dirt bikes available for kids in the market today. While one may be confused with the options in front of them, here are a few reasons why the MX350 is better than its counterparts:

Suspension – With dual suspension, this bike offers one of the most comfortable rides any motorized dirt bike could.

Adjustable Handlebar – The adjustable handlebar enables you to use it for your kid, even as they grow. Now, it is a onetime investment that will repay for a long time. Also, when you have more than one kid in different age categories, it can be used by them too. You don’t have to spend on another bike, just because of the age factor.

Speed – This bike offers good speed for a motorized kids’ bike. It gives the kid a real time feel of riding a fast dirt bike. Also, helps in quenching the speed thirst in kids.

Long Lasting – The bike is sturdy and solid. Kids tend to drop or bump into things which may result in multiple damages. However, this bike is well constructed to take it all and last long without falling apart.


If you are looking for a quality toy that can double up as a training bike for that little biker in your house, this is a perfect buy. You don’t have to worry about your child going out on an illegal ride, just to play out their dirt biking fantasies.

This bike not only offers good speed, but also has a real bike like features and design that can convince any kid.

Wondering is the Razor MX350 cheap? The Razor MX350 price is definitely low when compared to other bikes in this category. It is a budget friendly toy that lasts long and satisfies the speed bug in your child.

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Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket Electric Bike