The Best Dirt Bikes for Kids | Electric Motocross Bike Review – 2020

Dirt racing has its own thrills and now kids too can experience that in their own miniature versions.

Dirt bikes for kids are excellent inventions.

They come with the exact same controls as the adult dirt bikes but in a scaled down version with some extra features included keeping the safety of the kids in mind.

Keep a check on your enthusiasm and avoid a larger and more powerful engine for the beginners. Let your kids get the knack of the dirt bike racing and let him get adept at handling the controls before you go for a powerful model.

Gone are the times when getting a gas powered dirt bike was your only option. There are electric bikes now available, especially for the younger riders. The electric bikes are simpler to operate, easy to maintain and offer quieter rides.

Most of these bikes designed for the kids are meant for riding on the tracks and not designed for the roads.

Dirt bikes, besides being a source of endless entertainment for the kids, also promote the motor development in kids and help hone their balancing skills. So you have one more excuse to start looking for kids dirt bikes for sale.

When you buy a dirt bike, always keep in mind the pace of your kid’s growth. Get the right sized one. Lighter dirt bikes are easier on the track.

So choose the lightest one suitable for your kid’s age. As a quick tip, let your kid sit on the bike and evaluate. If the kid is able to comfortably reach the handlebars when he is still sitting and if his feet touch the ground, then the size might be just right. Here are some of the popular dirt bikes for kids to help you choose:

The 3 most popular electric dirt bikes for kids:

Dirt bikes for 8 year olds should ideally be with engines in the 50 cc range or around 350 watt motor for the electric version. This would be the ideal size the kid can safely handle.

Dirt bikes for 10 year olds and older kids can be just over 80cc or close to 500watt motor in the electric version. This can be a good start to help them get accustomed with a slightly bigger engine.

Ideally, the ones that come with a 100cc engine (600watt electric motor) or bigger are good dirt bikes for 12 year olds who have some prior experience in dirt bike riding and can handle the controls better.

  1. Razor MX650 Rocket Electric Motocross Bike:

For the teens 16 years and older, the MX650 Rocket is one of the best dirt bikes available.

Weighing a slim 98 lbs, this electric dirt bike comes with a 36V battery system. It offers a maximum speed of up to 17mph.

The acceleration is with the conventional twist grip control. Both the front and rear brakes are disc and hand operated. A single charge provides 40 minutes of break free ride.

It has a powerful 650 watt motor and some serious detailing which is no less than a professional adult dirt bike. Dirt bikes in this segment ideally include suspensions and so does this model.

The MX650 comes with twin suspensions to offer a smooth ride even on a rugged terrain. The motor which is chain driven is pretty quiet. The handlebars can be adjusted to comfortable fit the rider. Be it an uphill ride or a rugged track, the power of the motor never fades even the slightest.

  1. Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket:

This is one of the best beginner level dirt bike for the teens 13 or older.

Neither too large for the kid to handle nor too small to dampen his riding spirits, the 350watt motor gives just the performance required for a beginner rider.

The rechargeable 12V battery system after a full charge can provide a 30minute ride time. Much like the bigger versions, it comes with twist control for the acceleration.

The rear brakes can be hand operated. This is a single speed version providing maximum speeds up to 12mph. To ensure lower flex, this comes with a dual crown fork.

  1. Razor MX500 Dirt Rocket:

This is the best bet for the intermediate riders in the age group 14 years and more.

The steel construction and the large pneumatic tires offer the best grip on the track.

The 500watt motor is powered by the 36V battery system. The bike offers 40 minutes of ride after a full charge.

The chain-driven motor offers a good torque. The variable speeds can offer up to 15mph.


Why are Razor Dirt Rockets always ahead of the competition?

  • Be it the beginner size or those for the older teens, Razor offers the best in class top speeds.
  • The large tires in all the models, offer greater power transfer. This makes handling the bike in the uphill climbs and rugged track rides a breeze.

Except for the MX350, the larger motor versions for the older kids come with the best in class suspensions. This makes the off-road riding sessions fun and unruffled.

  • The steel frame construction is the reason behind the renowned durability of Razor bikes
  • The battery also performs well as promised offering decent riding times. This makes it more efficient than the gas powered dirt bikes not to forget the negligible ecological footprint.
  • For the powerful performance, it delivers and the impressive energy efficiency the bikes from Razor are also competitively priced.

The final verdict:

No matter how many new player come in, when it comes to the ride-on segment, Razor has been having a steady spot for itself. And when you look for kids dirt bikes for sale, dependability is the most significant factor that matters.

Reliable ones with the best reviews from the users and the ones that boast of highest quality build and safety features are what you would be looking for.

Razor’s models all pass these criteria. When you choose electric dirt bikes for kids, the convenience and ease of operation for your kid is crucial. There is no better judge here than the kid himself.

So instead of being over-enthusiastic and buying a larger engine right away, choose one that suits the kid’s size and one with relatively lower maximum speeds.

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The Best Dirt Bikes for Kids